We have worked on Mobster Metropolis for four years now. Our blood, sweat and tears have gone into transforming our ideas into reality with more hours of playtesting than we are able to count. We do nearly everything inhouse, including all game design, copy and art.

We hope you like what we have made and will enjoy playing Mobster Metropolis with your friends!


Was founded by Joel Ibson, Karl Nord, Carl Berglind and Adrian Arwedson in 2015.

During the early nineties, we were a couple of kids that realized we shared the same interests and sense of humour. We started to do everything together; school, sports, e-sports, games, games and games. As we started to compete together, STORMAKTEN became the name of our ‘clan’.

More than twenty years later, STORMAKTEN Production is basically us taking our friendship to a new dimension. After years of playing games together we decided that it was time to contribute to the scene and create a game of our own.


We have discussed the concept and mechanics of a gangster themed board game for quite some time. About four years ago, we decided it was time to make that idea a reality. Since then, we have worked during long evenings and weekends to develop a game with both great mechanics and an awesome appearance.

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